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Meet Our Donors

We thank all our planned–gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.


Donor 4

Frank Hinman, Jr., MD

Born in San Francisco, California in 1915, Dr. Frank Hinman, Jr was a renowned surgeon, genitourinary educator, author, and illustrator. His father, Dr. Frank Hinman, Sr., was the first trained urologist in California. Like his father, Hinman attended Stanford University for his undergraduate and then Johns Hopkins Medical School for his medical degree and internship. After two years of surgical residency in Cincinnati he was then called to serve in the Navy during WWII as a medical surgeon. After the war he entered the urology residency training at the University of California and joined his father, Dr. Frank Hinman, Sr., in his private practice. He then began a long career in urologic research and education at the University and on a national level. In 1951, Dr. Hinman was one of the eight founders of the Society of Pediatric Urology, the first organized urology subspecialty group in the United States. He was also actively involved in many other medical organizations. In 1958 he became the Chief of Urology at San Francisco General Hospital and stayed in that position until 1977. He was later promoted to Clinical Professor at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Through his innovative research in bladder immunology, Dr. Hinman attained 17 years of NIH funding support. He was able to improve treatment options for bladder infections and helped spark new research by other young investigators. He identified a type of neuropsychological bladder condition in children, now known as the Hinman Syndrome.

Donor 4

Dr. Hinman authored over 250 scientific articles and numerous books including the Atlas of Urologic Surgery, the Atlas of Pediatric Urologic Surgery, and UroSurgical Anatomy. He continued to write in his later years, and in 1999 produced the humorous illustrated lecture called The Art and Science of Piddling. Dr. Hinman also had a general interest in language, and worked as a urologic consultant for Stedman's Medical Dictionary.

Dr. Hinman won many honors and awards for his work in urologic research and education. The American Urological Association (AUA) honored him with the Hugh Young Award, the Ramon Guiteras Medal, and the William P. Didusch Award for contributions to medical art. Dr. Hinman also enjoyed yacht racing and through that hobby he met and married his wife Marion Modesta Eaves in 1948. As an artist, he had produced over 150 paintings and every year he would send hand–made Christmas cards to friends. Frank and Marion had no children of their own, but left behind a lasting legacy of trainees, colleagues, friends, and family, in addition to many contributions to their community and to the field of urology.

Donor 4

The Frank and Marion Hinman Urology Research Fund was established with a charitable bequest from Dr. Frank Hinman. The fund will provide support to young investigators conducting urologic research. With his legacy gift, Dr. Hinman is the largest benefactor in AUA history. We are forever grateful for his enormous contribution in support of our mission to advance urologic research and education to improve patients’ lives.

The 2013 Frank and Marion Hinman Research Scholar is Dr. Neal Rowe at the University of Western Ontario. Dr. Rowe’s research will be looking at ways to improve the success of kidney transplants using an innovative procedure.

Quotes from Colleagues

Jack McAninch, MD
AUA President 1997
Colleague at UCSF

“He was always a very strong supporter of Research. At UCSF he was the Chair of the Research Committee at the University ––which its major purpose was to review grants that were inside the university. They had a certain amount of money to fund young faculty. He chaired that committee for many years. Basic science research, he felt that was the future of urological surgical progress would be made.” “If you look through the Art of Piddling you can see his funny side, he was very creative and when you look at it and when you read it you smile. (Laughs) He would always send Christmas cards to people, he drew them himself. It was a picture of his dog named Lucky. The cover would be Lucky. Everyone who got a Christmas card appreciated the fact that they were in a select group, not everyone got a Christmas card, and if you got one you were special.”

David A. Bloom, MD
Professor, Pediatric Urology
University of Michigan Urology Center
Co–Chair with Dr. Hinman of the History committee for Society for Pediatric Urology

“He loved the field of urological research and he believed in this idea of using research to increase human knowledge and to make the field credible and better for the next generation. I think he was a noble person in that way. Even in his 80’s he wrote a book a year. He was an extraordinary guy and loved research – he said one of the biggest advantages he had in his career was being able to spend a whole day each week to study and learn. He was a scholarly man – in laboratory research, language, and art.”

Emil A. Tanagho, M.D.
UCSF Urology Faculty Practice
400 Parnassus Ave # A–633
San Francisco, CA 94143–2202
Colleague at UCSF

“Dr. Hinman was a giant and leader among elite urologists in the United States with major contributions through either his trainees or his publications and his teaching over the years.”

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